Based in the heart of a fast paced, fun loving city in the pacific, you will find the headquarters of Maxcorp; a company that re-writes the description of events, marketing, and promotions in the Asian market today. Maxcorp is the company that keeps blood pumping through the city’s veins; operated by the head director Marty, for the last decade the company has observed market trends and changes, this experience enables him to be ahead of the game and realize what is hot and what is not. Incorporating aspects from different cultures and working with clients of all calibers are common practices of Marty who is a Hong Kong citizen with Canadian roots who brings to the table a fresh perspective working on many levels.

Maxcorp offers something for everyone; whether you are looking for fashion models, dancers, singers, rappers, or people to take charge of your company sales and promotions. The nature of our company is to organize, carry out, and complete each event entirely, with no need of outside sources for assistance in any area. Hiring Maxcorp to plan your specialty event is very low stress for you, as we take care of all the big stuff as well as the small stuff. We choreograph our own dances, as well as prepare any other presentations or performances, we supply our own hair and make-up artist, as well as manage the event in person; one on one, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the quality is high. Our company represents local talents, as well as those from overseas locations such as Brazil, Singapore and the western market; all highly charismatic, polite and professional, which are effective tools in launching a successful and memorable event.

Entertainment is where the heart is at Maxcorp and we are very confident that we can match your company’s vision of success. Trust in us to create and carry out a business production you’ll want to play back again and again. We stand by our word.